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About Us

The InvoicesAnywhere web site was launched in 2004. For over a decade we have been providing our services to Fortune 500 companies who process thousands of invoices and payments in a month to sole proprietors who only need to send out 5 invoices a month.

Why companies use InvoicesAnywhere

Owning and maintaining an ecommerce web site with state-of-the-art security is very expensive. Our primary purpose is to provide companies the ability to invoice their customers electronically and accept payments on those invoices without having to incur the expenses and risks of hosting their own secure web site.

What makes our site unique? InvoicesAnywhere is NOT a shopping cart! With a shopping cart based web site, your customers provide payment information at the time of the sale. When your goods or services are not provided that way, you can use our site to function as the payment processing mechanism provided by a web site shopping cart. So for a company providing legal services, you may want to bill your customers electronically and be paid by credit card. You can do this all without having to even have a web site. We can provide that front end site for you.

Every company that has used InvoicesAnywhere has their own business rules and needs. It is very unlikely that you will find off-the-shelf software that will do exactly what you need. Each client implementation is customized. We tailor all aspects of the business process to match the client's requirements.

Some areas of customization include


Our web site and supporting systems are Purchase Card Industry ("PCI-DSS") compliant. PCI compliancy involves a strict set of guidelines that we are required to implement in order for banks to allow us to use their services. It is designed to enforce the latest security standards in order to protect you and your customer's information.

InvoicesAnywhere is hosted entirely on the Microsoft Azure hosted platform. You can view documentation regarding their PCI compliance here

Our Vision

We want you to feel like InvoicesAnywhere is YOUR site. Our product should be a strategic extension of your business operations. We treat YOUR customers like they are OUR customers. You should feel like we are your partner with the same primary goals: reduce costs, create efficiencies and create a positive experience for your customers.

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