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PayPal Setup

Please note that PayPal may change their site at any time. The instructions provided here may need updating as PayPal makes changes.

Create a PayPal Business account

If you already have a PayPal business account, click here in skip to the section where you create your API credentials.

  • Go to the PayPal site and click Sign Up
  • Select Business Account

  • You will need to select Payments Standard in order to accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

    From this point, you can go through the remainder of the setup process on the PayPal site. If you require further assistance during this phase you will need to work with PayPal.

Create API Credentials

After you have completed the setup process for you PayPal Business account you will need to get your credentials so that you can enter them on InvoicesAnywhere:

  • Under Profile, select My Selling Tools

  • Select Update

  • Select Request API Credentials

  • Select Request API signature and click Agree and Submit

  • For each of the three API items, click the show link.

  • Copy and paste the values from each of the three fields so that you can enter them onto the InvoicesAnywere site.

    The values in this image are for demonstration purposes. Do not use thes values or your account will not work.

    • Create a $1 invoice using your email address.
    • Log out of InvoicesAnywhere.
    • Come back to the site and click the Make a Payment button. (do not login).
    • Pay that invoice using the PayPal option.

    PayPal Note: You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to use this method.  When you select PayPal as your method, you will be taken to the PayPal screen where you will have the option to enter credit card information as opposed to using a PayPal account.  Click the button highlighted in red as shown below if you do not want to use a personal PayPal account to make your payment.

    When you make your payment, click the button highlighted in red if you don't want to pay using a personal PayPal account.

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