Buffalo Cigar Club - Group Membership Application

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Buffalo Cigar Club Group Membership Application

Here are the steps to sign up

  • Enter some basic information about yourself (you are the primary account holder)
  • Enter names and email addresses for the individuals in your group that will become Club members
  • Select a locker to rent (optional)
  • Create your Payment Profile using a credit card
  • You will receive an email to let you know your account has been activated
  • The individuals in your group that you have listed will receive an invitation with a link to activate their membership
  • Come to the club and smoke a cigar with your favorite beverage!

Some Important Things to Know About Group Memberships

  • As the creator of the Group, you will be designated the Primary Member. You will be responsible for the payment of the group membership fee.
  • To qualify for Group Membership (and associated discounts), there must be a minimum of 5 members (including yourself).
  • When you create a group, you will start out with at least 5 total members (you + 4 members). You can select the number of members when registering. You do not need to assign the other members in your group at the time you create it. You can add them at a later time. You can assign as many or as few of your allocated members at the time of registration.
  • You can later increase the number of members in your group at any time. You will be charged a one-time payment for the incremental cost of your annual membership using the new group rate which will be prorated for the remainder of your membership year and in consideration of the amount you have already paid. If the additional members brings your group rate to a lower level, that discounted rate will not apply until the following year. In other words, the proportioned rate per member at the group level you register for will apply for the duration of that year of registration, including to all members added to the group.
  • In order for one of your members to sign up under your group account, they will only be able to create their membership using an invitation link that the Primary Member will send them from the site; a) either at the time you create the group or b) by returning to the site and an email address to one of your available slots.
  • If the Primary Member cancels or Buffalo Cigar Club terminates the group membership, all the accounts in the group will be cancelled. If any of your members wish to continue as members of the club, they will be required to sign up for a full membership account.
  • If you and your members wish to rent a locker you can do so individually. There is no group locker membership option.
  • If you cancel the group membership and one of your members has rented a locker, your member will be given an opportunity to sign up as a full member and they can retain their locker. Otherwise, the locker will be forfeited. There are no refunds for lockers that are rented by a member when a group membership is cancelled if the member does not sign up for a full membership.

To get started, provide the email address to be used as the Primary Member and click GO

Email must be different than any prior email used for a Buffalo Cigar Club membership

Primary Email Address   


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email us at members@BuffaloCigar.club

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